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brushes dust off of blog


Um. Hello?


Well, seeing as it’s been over half a year since I last updated here, I suppose I owe all you guys some kind of update, especially if you were sweet enough to keep following me on here.

Anyway! As I said on my last post, I have new blog! And I don’t have any qualms about being open about it anymore.

So here’s my new blog!

You may follow me on there if you wish, but it is not obligatory! Just keep in mind that,

a. I do not post fanart

b. I’m not as active on it as I was on this blog

c. It’s part fandom/part text blog.

This one’s a bit more personal this go ‘round, so just keep that in mind should you decide to follow me on there. I’m also going to be a fair bit more talkative on it, so there will be ramblings of mine. Just a heads up!

Will I ever come back to this blog? Who knows.




…’sup guys.

If the title wasn’t clear enough, I’ve basically abandoned this blog, and it’s unlikely that I’ll be coming back to it anytime soon.

I have a new one though, although I won’t be as active on it as I was here, and if you wanna follow me there, hit me up in my askbox and I’ll send you the link. NO ANONS.

It’s been fun. See ya around, guys.

announcement: indefinite hiatus

Hey, guys.

Just as the title says, from now until an indefinite amount of time, I’ll be taking a break from tumblr. It’s just kind of.. stopped being fun for me, and I have personal problems/issues I need to sort out plus college.

Whether I’ll be coming back to tumblr anytime soon is up for debate. We’ll see how it goes.

If you know me off of tumblr, you know where you can find me.

For now, see ya on the flipside.



by 隼熙

Up and Apart.


It all started in the first grade.

And from that moment on, they were best buddies.

At least, up until the winter of fifth grade.

Motonari never said a word about moving. As hard as Motochika took the sudden news, he resolved to carry on and be strong for his friend.

And so, the two of them went on with their lives.

Neither of them even dreamed that they’d see each other again. They struck up conversation and took a while to catch up, before Motochika asked why Motonari was there. He was looking to find a place to live next year, and by crazy random happenstance, Motochika was looking for a roommate to fill a spot in their house.

And so it was.

A few months passed, and while they were happy to reunite with an old friend, it only seemed like they were getting to know a stranger.

People change.


Mr. Kamui by:

by 美和

by 美和